Build Big Arms With The Hammer Curl


In the event you’ve been usually blasting your biceps with normal biceps curls, EZ-bar curls and chin-ups, but stay dissatisfied with the thickness of your higher arms, we’re about to make you very glad. And we’re going to do this by drawing your consideration to the brachialis.

The brachialis is discovered on the surface of your higher arm proper subsequent to the biceps muscle mass. By working this muscle you’ll create a bulkier, 3D look to your higher arms, and probably the greatest methods to hit the brachialis is with hammer curls. It differs to plain biceps workout routines in that you just use a impartial grip, the place your palms face each other, somewhat than a supinated grip, the place your palms face upwards.

How To Do A Hammer Curl

Stand together with your toes shoulder-width aside and a slight bend in your knees. Maintain a pair of dumbbells at your sides together with your palms going through. Protecting your elbows tucked in to your physique, curl the dumbbells as much as your shoulders, pausing to squeeze your biceps on the prime of the carry. Decrease beneath management.

Hammer Curl Variations

Rope cable curl

Utilizing a cable machine implies that you’re employed towards a constant stage of resistance all through the motion. Within the case of the hammer curl this implies the identical stage of resistance on the prime of the motion as the underside. Connect a rope deal with to the low pulley on a cable machine. Curl it up together with your palms going through each other, preserving your core braced all through the motion.

Alternating hammer curl with twist

On this variation of the hammer curl you carry one dumbbell at a time and twist your wrists on the prime of the motion to hit the biceps from a distinct angle. Begin together with your wrists going through each other, then flip them to face you on the prime of the curl so the place is similar as when doing common biceps curls.