Bicycle Crunches: The Best Core Exercise According to ACE


In 2001, the American Council on Train, a non-profit organisation devoted to selling wholesome actions (and who’ve landed the very good acronym ACE), commissioned a examine to search out out precisely what was the most effective core train. After evaluating 13 of the commonest workouts, they concluded that the bicycle crunch topped the invoice. And who’re we to argue with ACE? Right here’s the way it’s executed.

How To Do The Bicycle Crunch

  1. Begin by mendacity on the bottom, along with your decrease again pressed flat into the ground and your head and shoulders raised barely above it.
  2. Place your arms flippantly on the edges of your head; don’t knit your fingers behind. Watch out to not yank your head along with your arms at any level in the course of the train.
  3. Elevate one leg simply off the bottom and lengthen it out.
  4. Elevate the opposite leg and bend your knee in the direction of your chest.
  5. As you achieve this twist via your core so the other arm comes in the direction of the raised knee. You don’t want to the touch elbow to knee, as an alternative deal with transferring via your core as you flip your torso. Your elbow ought to keep in identical place relative to your head all through – the flip that brings it nearer to the knee comes out of your core. It is perhaps finest to suppose shoulder to knee as you progress, reasonably than elbow to knee.
  6. Decrease your leg and arm on the identical time whereas citing the other two limbs to reflect the motion.
  7. Carry on alternating sides till you’ve managed 10 reps on every, aiming for 3 units of 10 in whole, or add the bicycle crunch into circuit coaching and simply maintain going for so long as the timer runs.

The Advantages

As ACE will inform you, the bicycle crunch is an excellent core exercise, and brings all types of stomach muscle mass into play, together with the difficult to focus on obliques (aspect ab muscle mass). Alongside along with your abs, your thighs and glutes are engaged within the motion.


You may simply modify the total bicycle crunch to make it simpler. Probably the most primary model includes the identical actions, however from a standing place, bending down so your turning arm meets your knee round your midriff.

For a extra superior model, strive the elevated bicycle crunch. You’ll need to lie down on a bench, which means it’s a must to elevate your leg additional to fulfill your twisting torso. In addition to the core advantages of the traditional bicycle crunch, this model will enhance your hip mobility.